2nd Annual National Student Convention of the Political Science Students’ Association of the Philippines

Date: February 26-28, 2010
Venue : Ebenezer Bible College and Seminary, Upper Calarian, Zamboanga City


The 2nd Annual National Convention aims to:
1. Gather PSSAP members, non-members, and Political Science students from all regions and provide a venue for interaction and exchange of ideas and knowledge;
2. Highlight the 1st National Quiz on Political Science and Governance and the 1st Inter-University Debate Competition, which aims to heighten the standards of Political Science education in the country by promoting and organizing a healthy competition among student members nationwide;
3. Honor the competence, diligence, and excellence of chosen Political Science students with their compassionate ideas with which they leave a rich legacy as inspiring models to their fellow students, community and country through a Search of Most Outstanding Political Science Student of the Philippines
4. Expose students to different fields of Political Science through forums and talk-lectures

All Political Science students and alumni can take part in the activities included in the convention.

The participants can choose between two convention packages:
1. Full Convention Package: includes accommodation, food, kit, identification card, T-Shirt, handbook, souvenir and certificates – On the day registration (Php 2,300.00) Early Registration (1,900.00)
2. Live-out Package: includes food, kit, identification card, T-Shirt, handbook, souvenir and certificates – On the day Registration (Php 1,900.00) Early Registration (1,600.00)



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