Cities in Visayas and thier Nicknames

*The City of Bacolod is regarded as the City of Smiles to describe the smiles reflected on the masks used in MassKara Festival. It is also called as the Football City of the Philippines because of the popularity of the game here in comparison to other city in the country.

*Cebu is undoubtedly the Queen City of the South to describe its dominance in the commercial and industrial affairs of the South.

*Iloilo City is given by the Spaniards the title Muy Leal y Noble Ciudad (Most Loyal and Noble City) to describe its significance in the propagation of the Spanish conquest in Visayas and Mindanao.Aside from that it is often regarded as the City of Love because of the romantic atmosphere it created through its unique accent of its language described by others as malambing.

*Danao City in Cebu is given the title as the Gunsmith Capital of the Philippines because of its gunsmith industry which debuted in 1905.

*Dumaguete is considered by some as the City of Gentle People in tribute to the warm welcome rendered by its inhabitants to its visitors. It also enjoys the distinction as the University Town of Visayas because it houses four universities, Silliman University(1901), the oldest American University in Asia, Foundation University(1949), St.Paul University(1904) and Negros Oriental State University(1927). Another title given to the city is the Motorcycle Capital of the Philippines because of the presence of numerous motorcycles which serves as one of the major means of mobilization in the city.

*Roxas City is the Seafood Capital of the Philippines because of the abundance of marine life and it houses the largest fishing grounds in the country.

* Silay City is considered to be the Paris of Negros due to its large collection of perfectly preserved heritage houses. More than thirty of these houses have been declared as historical landmarks. Silay is the second city in the country to have been declared a museum city, after Vigan.


One thought on “Cities in Visayas and thier Nicknames

  1. whiterock says:

    WHITEROCK CITY is to Describe SIPALAYNONS as (WHITE) pure in heart (ROCK) strong and resilient that can withstand the battering of Super Typhoons; EARTHQUAKE, floods, Economic downturn etc.. and continue to live and survive against all odds.)
    Sipalay is a ROCKY MOUNTAINOUS CITY WITH ABUNDANCE of LIMESTONE OR BATONG IGANG which is normally appears as White. it is visible from the entry and surroundings of the city in which I Love to call the place as WHITEROCK CITY…

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