Cities in Mindanao and their Nicknames

*Butuan City is referred as the Timber City of the South because of the presence of large companies devoted to logging.

*Cagayan de Oro still enjoys the its classic title, City of Golden Friendship due to common names addressed to people like amigo and amiga which means friend.

*Davao City is acclaimed as the City of Royalties because it houses the King and Queen of Philippines. The Philippine Eagle (The King of Birds), Waling-Waling (Queen of Philippine Orchid), Durian (King of Fruits) and Davao City itself (King of Philippine Cities) as it is the largest city in the Philippines in terms of area.

*General Santos City is undoubtedly the Tuna Capital of the Philippines in honor of its tuna industry which is known internationally.

*Iligan City, as it houses the Fountain Head of Progress and the Mother of Industry – Maria Cristina Falls is given the title Industrial City of the South. Aside from the fact that it houses some of the largest plants and factories in the island. It is also called as the City of Majestic Waterfalls because it has some 20 waterfalls including the 830-foot Limunsudan Falls which is the country’s highest.

*Zamboanga City was originally nicknamed as the City of Flowers as its name originates from the word “Jambangan” which means pot of flowers. Recently, it was officially branded as Asia’s Latin City because it is one of the few cities in Asia that speaks a Latin-derived language called Chavacano. Aside from that, it is also the Sardines Capital of the Philippines because it houses the factories which supplies more than half of canned sardines available in the market now.

*Dapitan is still the Shrine City of the Philippines because Rizal Shrine, the place of exile of our National Hero is located here.

*Dipolog currently holds the distinction as the Orchid City of the Philippines because of the presence of rare species of Orchids which was discovered in the city.

*Gingoog as it name suggests, is the City of Good Luck because the word Gingoog if literally  translated in Manobo as good luck.

*Malaybalay is considered to be to be the Summer Capital of the South because of its cold weather as it is situated in the highest point of Bukidnon Plateau.

*Marawi legally earned the distinction as The Only Islamic City in the Philippines because it is the only city which has a majority Muslim population.

*Pagadian City is being called by its inhabitants as Little Hong Kong of the South because of its rolling terrain similar to that of Hong Kong.

*Tangub City is being acclaimed as the Christmas Symbol Capital of the Philippines because of its tradition during Christmas decorating its city with Christmas symbols.


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