Cities in Luzon and their Nicknames

Cities and Municipalities are often addresses using their monicker for promotion purposes. This are characterized by how the city looks like from the perspective of other regions and what are the products. This results to make the city distinguished and be able to have its own brand.

Based on my research, these are some of the nicknames given to cities in Luzon:

*Quezon City is dubbed as the City of the Stars because of numerous celebrities residing within its jurisdiction, not withstanding also the fact that three of the largest television networks are having their centers of operation here – ABS-CBN, GMA-7 and TV 5.

*Baguio City is officialy designated by law as the Summer Capital of the Philippines because the Philippine President transfers its office to the city during summer to escape Manila’s heat. It is also called as the City of Pines because its temperature paved way for the growing of numerous pine trees in the vicinity of the city.

*Makati City is being regarded to as the Wall Street of the Philippines or the Financial Capital of the Philippines because it hosts the Philippine Stock Exchange, Headquarters of the largest banking corporation in the country and the prestigious Makati Business Club which serves as the backbone of the country’s financial system.

*Mandaluyong is addressed by writers as the Tiger City of the Philippines because of its vibrant economy that also contributes in the macro-economic activity of the country. It is also the Shopping Capital of the Philippines because most of Manila’s largest malls are located here.

*The capital city of Manila is given the name Insigne y Siempre Leal Ciudad (Distinguished and Ever Loyal City) by the Spanish Adelantado, Miguel Lopez de Legazpi to emphasize its importance in the Spanish colonialism.

*The City of Marikina is given the title Shoe Capital of the Philippines in tribute to its large shoe industry which is known worldwide.

*The Emerald City of the Philippines title is given to Muntinlupa City because of its illustrious installations and business establishments like Madrigal Corporate City and Ayala -Alabang Village, among others.

*Navotas is nicknamed as the Fishing Capital of the Philippines because 70% of its population is being employed by the fishing industry. Aside from that, it is the source of fish commodity  in Mega Manila.

*Pasay City is currently holds the title as the Gateway to the Philippines because of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport which serves most of the international and domestic air traffic in the island.

*Dagupan City in Pangasinan enjoys the distinction as the Bangus Capital in the Philippines in honor of its bangus industry.

*The City of Antipolo is considered to be the Pilgrimage City of the Philippines because of the Nuestra Señora Dela Paz y Buen Viaje which is being flocked by devotees most especially devotees during its feast day.

*Cabanatuan is being called as the Tricycle Capital of the Philippines because it has about 30,000 registered tricycles.

*Gapan is currently regarded as the Footwear Capital of the North because of its slipper making industry.

*Lipa is considered to be the Rome of the Philippines because of the presence of numerous monasteries, retreat houses and huge churches within the city.

*Muñoz in Nueva Ecija is addressed as the Science City of the Philippines because it houses several scientific research institutions like the Philippine Carabao Center, Philippine Rice Research Institute, Bureau of Post Harvest Research and Extension, Central Luzon State University, Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, Philippine-Sino Center for Agricultural Technology and Philippine Seed Center.

*San Fernando City of Pampanga holds the distinction as the Christmas Capital of the Philippines because the only Christmas theme park in Asia is located here – the Paskuhan Village. Aside from that it annually celebrates Paskuhan Festival which highlight are the giant lanterns.

*Tuguegarao City is affectionately called by its inhabitants as the Premiere Ibanag City because it is the only city of which population are majority Ibanag.

*Vigan City is being nicknamed as the Heritage City of the Philippines because some parts of its city is designated as World Heritage Site by UNESCO.


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